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“I started seeing Judy for a running-related injury that I sustained from training for triathlons.  She was exceptionally helpful in not only relieving the discomfort but also providing me with a series of movements to prevent the injury from re-occurring.  I think she has a great attunement to the body and is able to find the root cause of issues and address them.
-Craig Winer, Tri-athlete / Business Owner


“As a movement trainer, Judy is the first one in years who has put together a series of exercises to do on my own that feel completely right for my body, my goals, and my schedule.  Over time, she has added, modified, and taken away exercises, always keeping in mind safety, comfort, and time constraints.   As a massage therapist, she knows exactly where the areas to be worked on are.  I have recommended Judy to patients, friends and family.
-Dr. Rebecca Elmaleh


“Working with Judy is really helpful in managing my functional scoliosis. My favorite part of her massage therapy session is at the end, when I look down at my hips, legs, and feet and see that they are even.  Her highly educated, intelligent touch can ‘hear’ which areas of the body need balancing and can coax the body into responding through myofascial release techniques!”
-Rachel Wiltenburg, Pilates Instructor / Physical Therapy Student


“I regard Judy as a valuable part of the patient’s recovery.  In her working with my patients, I have witnessed Judy’s excellent knowledge of movement and exercise technique.  She is an adept educator able to tailor her communication to the patient to achieve the end result of proper mechanics. Her calm spirit and gentle encouragement are always present in her work.”
-Lisa Desrochers, P.T., CSCS, Physical Therapist


“Working with her has been beneficial for me as an aged person.”
-Dr. Clark S. Marlor, Retired University Professor


“Judy has worked with me as both a massage therapist and movement educator. In both capacities, I found her to be sensitive to my body.  She can discern the right position to make a stretch, movement, or massage stroke have its greatest impact.  And she brings a nurturing presence to her work that made me feel immediately comfortable and cared for.”
-Karen Ginsberg, Psychotherapist




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